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  ID No: 36644692
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  Insert number: 11173/S

investorHudoba Tietjen Multinational Activities Slovakia (HTMAS) company is recognized developer and the Investor at East European renewable energy market. "HT technology park Vlkanova" project is one of our first experience in this field. Company was established in 2006 by two partners Reimer TIETJEN, German citizen and local investment company HMC Invest a.s. Our corporate target and vision is to be strong European player at different energy sectors from power generation, through distribution up to energy trading. We are experience as consultants, engineers up to EPCM and EPC contractor in wide range of industrial projects up to high-tech renewable energy "green energy" projects. Our team is able to develop project from Investor’s very basic idea up to completely deliver of running product. Also HTMAS is regulated company by the Slovak State as energy distributor, energy trading company and energy power generation company with all relevant experience. Our managers offering to the Clients most professional services to reach Client’s goal under highest quality, on time and under agreed budget.

Professional skills, experience, technology and strong motivation is our
value for business partners at the future cooperation..

Maroš Hudoba
Managing Director

Reimer TIETJEN HM Consulting & Engineering
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